Do you send true shit?

Yes, we send true and still warm shit with a smile on our faces!


Somebody sent me a shit. What shall I do wit it?

You're lucky! Elephant dung is an excellent fertilizer. The sender must have been thinking about your garden. And perhaps you should have a think about why you've been rewarded in such a way.


Where do you get the shit from?

We won't reveal this secret, but one thing is certain. Animals we get the shit from are under constant veterinary supervision. Everything is completely safe and harmless.


When I order a shit today, when will the recipient get it?

Unfortunately, we can't visit the animals every day and breathlessly wait for the moments of excretion. However, we always try to pack the excrements fresh and still warn. Depending on the demand, our gifts are packed and sent 2 to 3 times a week. It usually takes about a week.


Is the service legal?

Our service meets the standards and regulatory requirements for natural fertilizers treatment. The animal excrements we send are prepared according to our instructions and definitely don't represent any sanitary or health-related risks.


Can I claim the package?

Yes, of course. Send the shit back together with the invoice within two weeks and you will get your money back. 


Do you want to sell more types of shit?

We'll try to offer other types as well so that everyone could find a suitable gift.


Can I add a message?

Yes, you can. We'll be glad to fulfill your desires. Simply type the text in the order. 


Can I get the tracking number of the package?

Yes, you can get it if you order this additional service. You'll get the number and a confirmation of using the package tracking service in your order. Note: Such a package is not 100% anonymous.