Our packages are sent exclusively by mail. Following all transport and sanity regulations regarding animal waste treatment is a matter of course.

We are sorry for the fact that we can't influence the digestive process of elephants, but we usually send everything within two working days after your order. The delivery of our packages usually takes about a week (the time may vary by country).

All prices include VAT and shipping costs.

The package tracking service can be ordered from € 2.90 depending on the country of destination. Please note: Such a package is not 100% anonymous.


You can use one of the following methods of payment:


Barzahlen is the safest method of payment in Germany. Pay for your purchase safely in cash, without any transfer of sensitive financial data. You will receive an electronic bar code you can print or send to your cell phone via a text message. Then you can pay for your purchases in a Barzahlen partner branch in your area, for example in DM drugstores or in Real SB Warenhaus GmbH supermarkets. Click here to find the nearest branch in your area.  


PayPal is an online payments system. A PayPal account is similar to common bank accounts, but it can be directly connected to millions of online stores around the world. Transfers of money from one account to another take place immediately. Everybody, in fact, has the same bank on the Internet – PayPal.

The best way to move money to a PayPal account is via a payment card. Thus, PayPal can act as a gateway for accepting payment cards - the amounts deducted from customers' accounts are immediately visible on sellers' PayPal accounts. PayPal accepts all frequently used types of payment cards. Consequently, money can be sent to a bank account using a common bank transfer.

The advantage of using PayPal in online sales is its instant functionality – sellers can start accepting payment cards within several hours. Any negotiations with banks or other payment card gateways regarding payment cards accepting can be completely omitted.


You can also use the “Sofort-Überweisung“ method of payment. It is a free TÜV-certified payment service provided by Payment Network AG. You will need an online bank account secured using the PIN/TAN method. Payments made using “Sofort-Überweisung” will be immediately credited to our account. Thanks to the secured payment form provided by Payment Network AG, www.sofortueberweisung.de performs automatic transfers in your Internet banking. The service is free for you as a customer (transaction fees may be deducted depending on your bank). Your advantages: no additional registration, automated debiting from your online bank account, highest safety standards and immediate shipping.


Payment in advance

Once you send an order, you will automatically receive an email confirmation of the order. The email will contain all the information needed for payment. We will send the ordered goods after receiving a confirmation of your payment from our bank. Please note: The process of transfer takes approximately two days to complete.



What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an online currency consisting of a computer-generated string of data (the so-called “block chains”). Click on the button at the end of the order and you will be redirected to the payment process. To complete the payment process, you can either scan a QR code using your smartphone or tablet, which will redirect you to the payment page, or click the “Pay with Bitcoin” button. The payment will be processed via the Bitcoinpay service. Note: You must have Bitcoins.